Temple Smith


Confessions of a

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While some women coveted the latest handbag or raced off to a Neiman Marcus sale, I bought paper. Really good paper. Often and a lot. I love it. My love of stationery started with adoring office supplies as a kid. By graduate school, it was full blown. While in school I argued stationery was my "affordable"  (I claimed justifiable) luxury. New notebooks, highlighters, fine tip pens - - all made the suffering of long study days tolerable (at times pleasant). So no, it was never Neiman Marcus that would get me into trouble. It would be places like Staples. Staples would get me into trouble. Big. Trouble.

Hi, I’m Temple founder of Flamingo Society
and I'm in love with stationery.

At Flamingo Society we make stationery for the paper obsessed and stationery enthusiasts everywhere.