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Conversation, Connection, and Card Writing

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon – a time of love, candies, card writing, and connecting with our loved ones. How exciting! 

We just have one question: when was the last time (before this upcoming holiday) that you considered sitting down to write and send a letter to the people you care about? Not a Christmas card, not a “congrats on graduating” card with only your name signed at the bottom  – a handwritten letter to let your friends, family members, or neighbors know you’re thinking about them. 

In this age of digital communication, the art of the handwritten note gets lost in the noise. Written conversations are reduced to quick texts about upcoming plans or emails about work deadlines. While these are necessary and significant in their own regard, we know you have more in you than these speedy, impersonal messages! Writing, at its core, is the communication of ideas and feelings – what do you want to let the people in your life know? That’s up to you!

Our advice? Make your words count. Be intentional not only about WHAT you say but also HOW you say it. Spread your thoughts, thank yous, “thinking of yous,” and congrats to your neighbors, mentors, service providers, old friends, new friends, distant cousins – anyone you can think of! Put pen to paper, stamp to envelope, and show the people in your life you care and are putting in the effort. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Society Members. We hope you take the time to share the love in these upcoming weeks. If you want to jumpstart this process, consider our Vintage Text Messages. You can use the promo code SENDCARDS for 15% OFF a five-pack of these quality notecards through February 29, 2024. 


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