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9 Months Down, 3 More to Go! (Hey Girl, How Did it Go? Are Your Goals “Goal-ing?”)

As we move into September, we enter a time of reflection, sweaters, and getting ready for the last quarter of the year – but what do all these have to do with each other?

Well, we believe it’s the perfect opportunity to complete a quick check-in with yourself, your goals, and everything you had planned for the year.

You ready? Let’s get to it.

Think back to your New Year’s resolutions, lay them out, and place them into one of three categories: Achieved, Still Working on it, and Needs Reframing.


This category feels pretty straightforward – what goals have you accomplished in the last 9 months? Take a moment to appreciate your resilience and determination, and consider everything you did to make your ideas a reality. Take note of this success and carry it with you for future goals.

Still Working on it.

What is on your list of priorities that is almost done? What needs to happen to help this goal cross the finish line? Spend time building your plan of attack. Create boundaries so this goal can enter the Achieved category by the end of the year.

Needs Reframing.

Now that you’ve taken note of your successes or near-successes, inspect the resolutions that haven’t taken off yet. What has held you back from achieving these goals? Perhaps they were too ambitious, or maybe you didn’t have the resources you needed to complete them.

Now consider: how will you reframe these goals in order to bring them to fruition? This could mean adjusting your timeline, dedicating an hour each week to the project, or shifting the goal entirely. Goal setting is an important part of organizing your purpose, but that doesn’t mean your purpose is inflexible or without roadblocks.

And just like that, you’ve taken stock of your own personal progress! There is no perfect or linear way to achieve a goal, and just because it shifts over time, doesn’t mean you aren’t making headway.

Our hope is that a mental check-in will help you plan out the rest of 2023. What do you want to achieve before creating next year’s batch of resolutions? If you feel stuck, you can always rely on your Flamingo Society planner to help you through it, one day at a time.


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