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A Guide to the Holiday Season: Don't Overplan it!

The holiday season is in full swing – how do you plan to tackle upcoming family dinners, work parties, drinks with friends, shopping excursions, gift exchanges, tree decorating sessions, and holiday meal preps?

Wow. We got a headache just LOOKING at that list. Do you notice anything missing? How about achieving your end-of-year goals or prioritizing self-care? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Real talk – as things get busier, trade-offs will have to be made. Don’t feel guilty about adjusting certain goals or sitting out of a few festivities this season. It's important to be realistic about what you can handle.

Our advice on how to know what to prioritize this season? Let’s get into it.

  • It’s the most joyful season of the year – ask yourself, what ACTUALLY brings you joy? Is it the upcoming coffee date, that work party, or the hour dedicated to your 2024 nutrition goals? There is no right or wrong answer, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Which of these will make the jolly season jolly for you?

  • Know which deadlines are you working with. Christmas is December 25, that holiday party is December 14, and that night out with the girls can always be rescheduled. Keep your eye on the inflexible obstacles in your schedule and be sure to sort them out first.

  • Don’t immediately say yes. During the holiday season, you want to gather with your people as much as possible. Before you say yes to the various invites you’ll receive, remember how much worse it will feel if you have to cancel last minute. If you manage their expectations with a “well, let me check my schedule before I commit” you’re saving yourself and your friend a lot of time and frustration.

We hope these three tips will help you get through this holiday season. Leave yourself a little room for joy and the rest will come smoothly. Remember, it’s okay to let certain things slip through the cracks. Don't let yourself get weighed down balancing your daily responsibilities with the new, holiday-themed responsibilities.


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