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Facing the Constraints: Strategic Goal Construction

It’s time to get real, Society – sometimes our goals lean more aspirational than inspirational. We paint these big, dream-like goals without considering how realistic they are to our lives. When we inevitably don’t achieve these unattainable goals, we feel defeated and burned out, ready to give up on goal-setting altogether.  

Take this blog as a warning: unrealistic expectations and not acknowledging the constraints are the biggest goal-killers. The most common constraints to consider are Procrastination, Escapism, Lifestyle, and Time. 


Ah yes, procrastination, productivity’s arch-nemesis. Do you often find yourself in a procrastination loop, when you know you have to send an email but decide to do something completely unrelated instead (like add things to your Amazon cart that you don't intend to buy soon?) Yeah girl, we’ve all been there. 

The interesting thing about procrastination is that it FEELS like productivity. Maybe you didn’t meet that work deadline, but look – your fridge is clean! That looks and feels like a productive afternoon. 

As you begin constructing your goals, it’s important to know yourself and how your brain works. Are you prone to procrastination? How do you install mental barriers to prevent yourself from getting sucked into the loop? 


Goals are hard to achieve. Point blank period. It’s easy to feel like you’ll never reach the end or reap the rewards; this leads to escapism and avoidance. 

“I can’t work on my manuscript this afternoon, I have to take Jimmy to soccer practice, cook dinner, and finalize that proposal. By the time that’s all done, I’ll be too tired to do anything but watch my shows!” 

It’s convenient to fall into these thought patterns, but it’s up to you to build structures that allow you to work toward your goals. Don’t point fingers at everything else and use it as an escape route. 


If you want to be a runner, but you live in a cold and snowy area without good sidewalks or safe running trails and you can’t budget for a gym membership, maybe it’s just not going to happen, and that’s OKAY! 

Don’t put pressure on yourself to become something you can’t. Focus on things that are within your control, always.


People often discuss “time management” and how it’s important to master your schedule to succeed. News flash – time is finite and already managed for you. What they really mean is prioritization – how do you want to spend your set amount of time? Will you use it to reach your goals? Or will you fill it with friends, TV shows, or reading? There is no wrong answer, but you may need to restructure your goals as a result. 

Now that you’re ready to face your constraints, take the time to assess the current goals you're working toward. Do they need some tweaking? Will they take longer than expected? Are they aligned with your life right now? 

Feel free to connect with your fellow Society members, we’re happy to help you strategically build your goals and keep aiming, even if you miss your initial mark. Need more help? Want a processing partner? Email Temple:   Subject: Flamingo 100

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