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Goal Setting With Temple’s “Do, Be, Have, Live” Grid

Alright, dream chasers – let’s plan our goals for 2024 with this quick and clear goal-setting quadrant that we’re calling Temple’s “Do, Be, Have, Live” Grid! Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this method and how it can elevate your yearly goals. 

You ready? Let’s get started. 

Start with a sheet of paper, then draw a giant plus sign on the page, making four squares. Label the squares: To Do, To Be, To Have, To Live. Fill each one with your dreams for the year – you will choose only one of these to circle and commit to for the year.

In the “To Do” quadrant, you could write something like “bake a cake from scratch.” In the “To Be” quadrant, put anything you aspire to become in the year ahead, like an early riser. When you fill in the “To Have” quadrant, consider the material items you’d like to have in your life – something that may take time and effort to acquire. For example, a collection of vinyl records. The final quadrant, “To Live,” should depict a lifestyle goal, like having a closer connection with friends or family. 

After filling each quadrant and circling your final goal, pair them with a habit. For baking, spend a Saturday experimenting in the kitchen. For rising early, set that alarm to 10 minutes earlier each week. To start your vinyl collection, hunt for a record every month. And to ensure a friend-filled life, reach out to someone new or old each week. These habits are your small size steps to mega-sized dreams! 

Make sense? Stick with us in January, we’ll be diving deeper into each of these quadrants and how to best apply them to your life in 2024! Let’s write it down and make it happen – we can’t wait to see you aspire and achieve your goals this year. 


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