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How Do You REALLY Make History?

Here’s the thing, we’re not sure the history-makers even know how to “make history.”

Most of the influential people on this earth didn’t wake up one morning and think to themselves, “I’m going to change the world.” They were committed to their convictions, passions, and purpose – the history-making came as a result.

Amy Sherald dedicated her life to painting. She honed her unique style of simplified realism to challenge conventions about skin color and race – topics that have impacted her life in deeply personal ways.

This commitment to her craft led her to become the first woman and Black American to win the National Portrait Gallery's Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, as well as the first Black woman to receive presidential portrait commissions from the National Portrait Gallery.

Claudine Gay is an academic to her core. She believes in the power of education and in expanding its reach to all types of people, perfectly positioning her as the first Black President of Harvard University.

With her background in political science and teaching as a professor, Gay funnels her interests in race and identity into her involvement with education and opportunity. This passion led her to become one of many “firsts” in a line of radical history-makers.

Mariya Russel, like many of us, is a foodie. Her love for the kitchen and cuisine led her to become the first Black woman to be awarded a Michelin Star in 2019.

Building her skill set in Chicago and South Carolina, Russel brings a diverse selection and flare to the restaurant industry, letting her life experiences carry her to success and never altering herself to achieve what she wants.

YOU are filled to the brim with dreams and untapped creativity. Much like the inspirational women above, you have the capacity to commit yourself and your time to the things that matter most to you. All it takes is a bit of planning and carving out time in your busy schedule.

One day, all of your dedication and hard work will become your legacy – who knows, maybe you’ll create enough of an impact to join the long line of our history-making sisters.

Think about it. Make a plan. Put it in writing. The rest is history.


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