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Why My Gratitude Journal Is a STRUGGLE

You want real talk? We’ll give it to you: sometimes, our gratitude journal SUCKS.

There are too many deadlines and too little time for the people and activities that bring us joy, leaving us with blank pages and a lot more frustration than gratitude. The truth, however, is that our gratefulness has nothing to do with how we feel, and everything to do with our choices.

While gratitude can be a response, it is more of an intentional choice. It must be developed as a habit. It is not an emotion alone, it is a skill. You have to CHOOSE to be grateful. Flexing these “gratitude” muscles takes practice and patience – so where do you start? Here’s our list:

1. Find micro-joys. Identifying micro-joys is a practice that requires being aware of small moments that bring joy into your day and celebrating those rather than overlooking them. For example:

  • Your morning cup of coffee is perfect, that’s a micro-joy!

  • Great parking space, that’s a micro-joy!

  • Inbox at zero….that’s a micro-joy (maybe even a miracle, lol)

You get the drift. Finding them requires dedication, but once you start looking, you'll begin to see them around every corner. Identify them and celebrate!

2. SLOW DOWN. Moments of joy are all around us, we’re often just too busy to notice them. Take a seat. Catch your breath. Take a break. Be present.

3. Consider “Future You” when scheduling your week. You are the controller of your planner, so take it easy on yourself! Nobody wins if you book back-to-back meetings. Sprinkle in time for you to go to your favorite restaurant, attend a fitness class, or go out for drinks with friends.

Remember: muscles atrophy when you don't use them. Flex those gratitude muscles and build that skill.


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